About Kay

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My name is Kay Butter, and I am an iOS and Mac developer at Freenet in Hamburg.


I like

  • tea
  • cats
  • clean code
  • the crackling noise when you pure boiling water on rock candy
  • Toffifee

I don't like

  • PHP
  • fools
  • onions
  • German television
  • throttled data contracts
  • full busses or trains
  • office applications

SEO, Buzzwords, Bullshit

cats, tea, swift, objectice-c, reactivecocoa, quick, nimble, carthage, cocoapods, guinness


Ways to contact me:

  • twitter: kaybutter
  • mail: kay [at] this domain.

About this Site

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It's about everything that comes to my mind, though mostly programming and tech related.